Use this band exercise for some big-time core work

Today feels like a two-video kind of day…

First, I shot a video to talk about resistance bands.

They’re probably my single favorite piece of equipment.  Not only do they masquerade nicely as weights for exercises like curls, presses, etc., but they also can be used in ways that, if you tried to use a dumbbell, you’d likely end up with many dumbbell-sized holes in your floor (or a maimed pet or two).  They’re pretty inexpensive, too.  In the first video, I talk about how to select the right bands and where to get them.  Hint: unless you like the hot sting of broken rubber snapping your exposed skin, I’d recommend not going to Big 5 or Sports Authority.  Most of the bands they sell are only marginally stronger than the rubber bands you’d find at Office Depot.

Which leads me to my second video, which shows you a cool use for bands that really kicks in the deep abdominals.  Unless you’re nimble enough to somehow get a dumbbell on your back and hold it there while you’re in a push up position, I’d recommend using a band.  Try to do this exercise for 5 sets, 15 seconds at a time, with another 15 seconds of rest between each set.  It’s more about getting the core active than about getting super-fatigued.

More exercise videos to come.  Keep the questions coming about exercise equipment and the best workouts for certain areas of the body.

‘Til next time!


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