Enough with the abs… part 2

Last time we talked (or whatever one calls the interaction between blogger and reader), I was discussing the problems I have with sit-ups, crunches and other traditional ab exercises.

I wanted to provide you with some video ranting to accompany the written word, so here’s part two of my war on… dang, couldn’t come up with a W word for abs to complete the alliteration.  Oh well, watch the video to learn more about why doing crunches is not the way to go.

‘Til next time!



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2 responses to “Enough with the abs… part 2

  1. Teddi Pettigrew

    Have a question for you: my husband does his crunches while hanging upside down so there is no pressure on his spine as he does have disc problems – harmful?

    • The potential harm from doing that type of crunch depends on his range of motion. Any time the spine is close to parallel with the ground (I’m not sure if he makes it to that point), the force shifts to, primarily, a shear force, meaning gravity is then forcing the vertebrae apart while under load, making the potential for injury higher. A more vertical position does tend to be more protective of the spine (again, depending on the range of motion). If he wants to continue, to maximize safety my recommendation would be to make sure that it’s not a high-repetition exercise, focusing more on tension on the muscle than on how much it moves, as well as adding some more functional ab exercises like pillars or at least safe variations on traditional ab work like the McGill crunch (video here).

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